Social Security-Should Remain And Be Expanded To Exceed Poverty Rates. The Revenue Cap Should Be Rasied In Tandom With Annual COLAs.
Medicade-Is Catastrophic Care For The Indigent, Public Protection Against Health Epidemics & 90% Of Its Cost Is Federally Subsidized.
Affordable Care Act-Provides Comprehensive, High Quality 'Healthcare' Which Denies No Citizen & Has Lowered Medical Cost 3 Years In A Row.
Minimum Wage-Should Be Tied To Inflation & Allowed To Rise To The Same Levels established in 1968, Comparable To Wages of $10.40/Hr. Today.
Abortion & Contraception-Abortion Is Legal, Safe & Rare. Government Must Not Get Between A Woman & Her Doctor On The Merits Of Life & Death.
Marriage Equality-The U.S. Constitution Makes No Reference To Legal Contracts Which Discriminate Based On Sexual Orientation Or Sexuality.

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Social Security-Should Be Either Eliminated Altogether Or Privatized On Wall Street Without Government Protections Such As: Dod-Frank Legislation.
Medicade-Is An Entitlement That Should End. People Who Are Sick Should Enter Emergency Rooms And Bare The Cost Burden And Deduct Losses.
Affordable Care Act-Should Be Repealed. We Need To Start All Over. We Don't Have A Clue How To Fix It. We Just Don't Want Obamacare.
Minimum Wage-Should Be Eliminated. Private Corporations Should Be Allowed To Pick & Choose Winners & Losers, Including, Wages for 'Nepotism'.
Abortion & Contraception-Women & Their Doctors Who Choose Abortion Should Be Crimminally Prosecuted. Even In, Cases Of Rape, Incest & Health.
Marriage Equality-Is An Abomination, Leviticus 20:13. Marriage Is Between One Man & One Woman & Sexuality has No Constitutional Protections.

© All Rights Reserved, 2012 A.D.