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Our Next Quarterly 'DINE & MEET' will likely be the last Thursday in March 2018 for annual reporting from the treasurer, at Politz's Restaurant, 6 PM, 535 St. Mary, Thibodaux, Louisiana 1-985-448-0944. Scheduling may be pre-screened to help accommodate maximum participation. Generally, a '2 week' pre-announcement will preceed any regular schedule.

20151104-Routinely, Every four (4) years, members must refile at the clerk of courts office to run for another term on the Committee between the 2nd and 4th of December, in 2015. A fee will be assessed for your '4 year' membership. The Primary Election date was on March 19th in 2016 and the general election date was on April 16th, in 2016. It is advised for those who may have a conflict with these inclusive dates to contact the clerk of court office for a possible accomodation.

Card Stock is up to date and Available On All Members.

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